Free Fossil Gallery

Our Museum at Past & Present is a fantastic collection of fossils and minerals from around the world! 500 square feet of exhibit space is devoted exclusively to the exhibition of geologic specimens for your enjoyment, with a large focus on fossils and minerals. The fossil gallery features many of our old specimens, and showcases new acquisitions. We are currently working on redistributing our collection for you to better enjoy.

From our Cretaceous dinosaur site in South Dakota (prepared and unprepared fossils), to fossil plants from Antarctica, we have fossils from every continent!

Here I am standing next to the leg of the dinosaur Edmontosaurus. I collected this leg in South Dakota and it is now on display in our museum.[/

We have many permanent displays along with various rotating exhibits. In Past & Present’s museum you can find a cast of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull and Triceratops skull, several species of the New York State fossil eurypterid, the leg of our dinosaur Edmontosaurus at almost 9′ tall, and much more. You might also see two life size shark jaw models of the prehistoric marine predator Carcharodon megalodon. (One has real teeth). Other exhibits feature Pleistocene mammals, sharks, fish, reptiles and amphibians, and much much more.

We also have a “Fossil of the Month” exhibit, featuring a different fossil each month. Teachers and students, scout groups, and individuals have enjoyed and supported our efforts to help this project succeed.

All Photos on this page are of specimens you can see in our museum! (Except Dad)

Gallery Photos

One of the most spectacular pieces of amber, this shows a spider just after it cocooned a grasshopper in silk and then became trapped in amber.
Here I am standing in front of a jaw of the prehistoric shark Carcharodon megalodon. The teeth are real in this jaw, but the jaw is reconstructed because the real jaws are made of cartilage and do not preserve.
This is the very rare eurypterid Paracarcinosoma from Western New York. This rare specimen can be seen at Past & Present in our Free Museum.
This is my collecting buddy for many years… my Dad. He passed away May of 2014 after a very difficult battle with Parkinson’s disease. He was by far the most supportive of any one I know, and is greatly missed. I love you Dad!