By: Carl Mehling

Dinosaurs profiles more than 300 dinosaurs and prehistoric animals from Anomalocaris in the Cambria Era 540 million years ago, right through to Megaloceros deer in the Pleistocene Era 1.8 million years ago.
Grouped chronologically, each entry includes highly informative, lively text explaining the anatomy, size, habitat, diet, breeding patterns, and lifecycle of each dinosaur or prehistoric animal. In addition, there is a fact box which includes measurements and weights, as well as the pronunciation and etymology of the dinosaur’s name, a map showing each animal’s distribution and a timeline placing it in a historical context. Each entry includes an annotated illustration, while the maps and timelines put each dinosaur into its global and historical context.
Featuring more than 300 dinosaurs and prehistoric animals and with more than 400 illustrations and 35 photographs, Dinosaurs is packed with information and is accessibly written for the general reader and the enthusiast alike.