Scholastic Dinosaurs A to Z: The Ultimate Dinosaur Encyclopedia


By: Don Lessem
Illustrated by: Jan Sovak

Dinosaurs! No other animals have fascinated people more. And no other dinosaur book has ever been more fascinating!
With more than 700 alphabetical entries and 350 full-color illustrations, Scholastic Dinosaurs A to Z is the most exciting, complete, scientific dinosaur reference book available.
From Abelisaurus to Zuniceratops, you’ll find out:
– when, where, and how dinosaurs lived
– what they may have looked like
– how big they probably grew
– what (or who) dinosaurs ate
– what their scientific names mean
– the fascinating stories behind fossil discoveries
Whether you don’t know the difference between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Stegosaurus or need specific details about Microraptor fossil fragments, Scholastic Dinosaurs A to Z has all the information you need.