Spinosaurus Tooth

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If you truly want to get in touch with your paleontological side, this spinosaurus tooth is the way to go. Just be grateful this giant beast isn't around anymore to personally show you anymore teeth! 

Dinosaur Tooth
Spinosaurus sp.
Middle Cretaceous (Albian)
Baharija Formation
South of Taouz, Kem-Kem basin
Moroccan Sahara

Spinosaurus or "spine lizard" is one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs measuring between 40 to 55 feet long--probably bigger than the famed Tyrannosaurus rex! This dinosaur lived in Africa roughly 100 million years ago and studies show it was semiaquatic, living both on land and in water like a crocodile. It had a long and thin skull and paddle-like tail, short forearms with three fingers, and neural spines with skin between them making it look like a sail.

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