Pyritized Pleuroceras Ammonite

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This Pleuroceras ammonite was naturally pyritized as it became fossilized. Because of the presence of the pyrite, the ammonite has a surprisingly heavy weight to it. 

Pleuroceras lived during the Jurassic period and were relatively small when compared with other ammonites. It had an exquisite spiraled and ribbed shell that provided buoyancy as the cephalopod hunted through the waters of what is now Germany, Spain, the UK, Austria, Algeria, France and Canada. The name Pleuroceras means "ribbed horn." This specimen was collected in Germany and is roughly 185 million years old. 

This ammonite has been brushed to bring out a more brilliant golden shine from the natural, more dull color of the pyrite. 

Type: Ammonite
Species: Pleuroceras sp.
Age: Jurassic / Pliensbachien (185 million years old)
Locality: Buttenheim, Germany


Size (of plate): 2.06 x 2.44 x .63 inches
Size (of specimen): .88 x .81 x .31 inches

Weight: 1.9 oz.


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