About Us

Past & Present is a unique shopping and educational destination that is fun for the whole family!

It is our 26th year at Past & Present and we would love for you to help us celebrate with in-store specials! Stop in for those one of a kind gifts, and watch for our great new selection of fossils, minerals, gifts and more!

With visitors from all 50 states and 29 countries, we have something for everyone! You’ll find fossils, minerals, crystals, jewelry, books, tools, assorted science and nature materials, and unique gifts from around the world.

Combine a visit to our shop with a pre-arranged collecting trip to any number of local Devonian collecting sites, or include a visit to our friends at the Penn Dixie Site!

We have been collecting dinosaur bones at our site in South Dakota for over 23 years, and you can see some of our finds in the museum or even purchase some in the shop!

Our FREE fossil gallery is a great destination for all! 

Our Gallery exhibits specimens from around the world! Among these are life-size casts of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull and Triceratops skull, a fossil Elephant Bird egg the size of a basketball, actual dinosaur bones, and the largest amber exhibit in Western New York. You'll also find a 9-foot tall articulated leg from the dinosaur Edmontosaurus, and two life-size jaw models of the giant Megalodon shark--one with real teeth! 

We would love for you to join us for one of our special events, sign up for one of our classes, or book a scout group or birthday party for that unique experience!

We have been buying, selling, and trading quality fossils since 1989. Our store and museum opened in November 1995. Owner Glen LaPlaca has a bachelor’s degree in Geoscience and was General Curator at a public aquarium. We do everything from desert collecting to river and coastal diving for fossils. Many fossils we collect and prepare on site at Past & Present!

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