Dinosaur Collecting

We have been collecting dinosaurs in many locations in the United States, with a very large focus on our site in South Dakota. We have been collecting at this site since 1995.

We mostly find the bones of the late Cretaceous dinosaur Edmontosaurus annectens. This site is a treasure of Cretaceous bones from the end of the dinosaur era because we believe this area holds the remains of several events that happened during this period--events that resulted in the death and very quick burial of these animals. This huge dinosaur was up to 45′ long and lived in large herds. Not only do we find adult dinosaur bones, but we also find juvenile and sub adult bones, indicating that these large animals probably traveled in large family herds.

We also find traces of other dinosaurs including ankylosaurs, ceratopsians, raptors, and teeth of the formidable dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus rex!

Below are a few photos from our collecting trips… 

This is a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth just after I found it! 


These are some of the teeth from a maxilla (upper jaw) of an Edmontosaurus annectens. 


This is a photo of an Edmontosaurus femur (leg bone) I had unearthed last year.


A rib from the Edmontosaur that I found on a September trip to South Dakota.


That rib after it was field jacketed and removed. 


It was very warm and we had seen many rattlesnakes. This one was "hiding" from us, but was very aware we were there!


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