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  • July 13 & 14: Syracuse Gem Show (Syracuse, NY)
  • July 27: French Creek Indian Artifact Show (Linesville, PA)
  • August 25-27: Stone Tool Craftsman Show (Letchworth Park, NY)
  • etc.!

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July Birthstones: Ruby and Onyx

And the Fossil of the Month is...

Follow along each month as we pick a fossil or mineral from our museum to showcase for you!

Find out here what December's fossil is!

See what people are saying about Past & Present!

This is my favorite place to be! A wonderful selection of crystals, rocks, gemstones, fossils, even books & so much more. It lights me up knowing a place like this exists. I have gotten mostly all of my beautiful crystals & stones from past & present. Thank you!!"

Jessica D.

Lots of great fossils and paleontological related items to purchase and look at, including dinosaur bones and casts that rival the Buffalo Museum of Science. Definitely stop in here.

Michael P.

Best rock/fossil shop in WNY. Great science toys, books, fossils, rocks, artifacts, and a free museum that rivals most public museums. Don't miss it!

Jay W.

Set aside some time for digging. This place is full of treasures ♡

Danielle K.

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