Stan the T.rex T-shirt, Adult

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Watch your back -- he's coming for you...

Show off your tee of Stan, the fifth most complete T. rex skeleton ever found, and have fun watching everyone's reactions when they see it! 

"Stan" was discovered in 1987 in the Hell Creek Formation just outside of Buffalo, South Dakota. His bones were discovered in beautiful condition. He boasts not just one of the most complete skulls of a Tyrannosaurus rex, but often said to be "the best" skull of a T. rex.

This durably soft shirt is an ideal top to buy for the dinosaur lover in your life. With a unisex fit, it is perfect for both men and women! 

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Color: Charcoal
Standard adult fit
100% HW preshrunk cotton
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low


*inquiries on additional sizes or stock are welcomed. Please call 716-825-2361 for more information*

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