Bothriolepis Antiarch Fish

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Have your own specimen of the prehistoric armored fish, Bothriolepis, to show off in your collection!

The Bothriolepis is an antiarch placoderm fish, which was a group of armored, bottom-dwelling fish that lived mostly in freshwater during the Paleozoic period. These fish were armored with bone, even around the pectoral fins. Their eyes were on top of their flattened bodies while their mouths were on the ventral side (front or lower side) of the head. 


Type: Antiarch Fish
Species: Bothriolepis canadensis (Whiteaves 1880)
Age: Late Devonian (380 - 372 million years ago)
Locality: Miguasha, Escuminac Bay
Locality: Quebec, Canada


*Includes Riker case and label. 


Size of Plate: 4.5 x 5.81 x .56 inches
Size of Specimen: 1.75 x 2 inches
Weight (without display case): ~ 12 oz. 

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