Moldavite Pendant

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Not only will all eyes go to you when you wear this stunning olive-green pendant, but all jaws will drop when you tell them it's made from meteorite impact glass!

The smooth, gleaming silver of the wire-wrap contrasts with the crater-like texture and forest green color of the glass. This piece has clear "bubbles" of moldavite. 

Moldavite is natural glass created when an asteroid impacted in the earth in the Czech Republic area. Roughly 15 million years ago, it is believed two pieces of asteroid crashed into Earth at such a high speed that the ground in which it contacted melted and quickly solidified as it was thrown into the air. 

*This mineraloid is extremely brittle and fragile. It should be stored and worn with care. 

Moldau River Valley
Czech Republic


Size of Pendant: 2.44 x .75 x .38 inches

Size of Stone: 1.5 x .63 x .31 inches

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