Bumblebee Jasper Triangle Cut Cabochon

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This triangular cut cabochon is a beautiful display of vibrant yellows and oranges swirling in whites and grays. 

Shaped and polished with a flat reverse and a rounded obverse, this cabochon is a wonderfully dynamic triangle of color!

Bumblebee jasper is a combination of volcanic matter, anhydrite, hematite, sulfur and arsenic. Despite its name, bumblebee jasper is technically a chalcedony and not a jasper because there is no quartz. This piece with the bright bands of yellow, orange, black and white is extremely unique. Java, Indonesia is the only known source of this mineral as it forms near active volcanoes.



Size (at widest end): 1.56 x 1.63 x .25 inches

Size (at narrow end): 1.56 x .19 x .25 inches 

Weight: 0.4 oz.

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