Sodalite Tower

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Found in places like Greenland, Ontario and British Colombia Canada, Maine, Arkansas, Namibia and Russia, sodalite is formed in igneous rocks that crystalized from sodium-rich magmas -- hence the name sodalite. Sodalite is part of the feldspathoids mineral group, which are rare aluminosilicate minerals containing large quantities of sodium, potassium or calcium. Because blue rocks are relatively unheard of in nature, whenever a natural blue stone is discovered it already is worth a fair amount of money. However, sodalite is one of the few blue minerals that still has a reasonable price. 

This beautifully blue mineral has been used for ornamental pieces, sculptural material, as a gemstone, and even as an architectural stone. But because of its incredible variation from specimen to specimen, sodalite is not commonly used in jewelry as there is no consistent appearance.


Size: 1.13 x 1 x 2.56 inches 

Weight: 2.1 oz.

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