Dinosaurs of North America T-Shirt, Adult

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The dinosaurs and reptiles that ruled over North America is extremely diverse. From the flying reptilian Pteranodon to the ground-stalking crocodilian Postosuchus to the towering gentle-giant Camarasaur to the ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex. 

With colorful illustrations and identifications of each dinosaur in energetic poses, this shirt is great for all!

For dinosaur lovers, paleontologists, historical educators.

Graphics include: Pteranodon, Camarasaur, Styracosaur, Stegosaur, Iguanodon, Tyrannosaurus rex, Pacycephalosaur, Coelophysis, Postosuchus 


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Color: White
Standard adult sizes
100% HW preshrunk cotton
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low


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