Petrified Pine Cone



(Not for sale)
May's designated Fossil of the Month is this frozen-in-time pine cone! One specimen we have on display is complete and still in matrix, while the other has been cut and polished to get a look at the interior of these prehistoric cones. 
The ancient Araucaria tree was a coniferous tree that grew in Patagonia, Argentina. During the Jurassic period, a volcanic eruption buried the forest, preserving the wood and pine cones. Some petrified trunks measure over 300 feet in length. 
Pararaucaria Petrified Pine Cone
From "Cerro Cuadrado"
Patagonia, Argentina
Jurassic (~ 190 million years old)
This specimen not only contains a complete pine cone, but to the left of it, you can also see a petrified stick. 
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