Mammoth Hair

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The mammoth is the Ice Age ancestor to the modern elephant. The largest species could grow up to 14 feet tall. Both male and female had ivory tusks that were often found fossilized and exported hundreds of years ago throughout Europe and Asia.

Mammoths had a thicker undercoat of hair about 1 inch long under an outer layer of coarser hair that could grow up to 20 inches long. Early humans would draw mammoths on the walls of caves, being some of the earliest forms of art. 

The Woolly Mammoth lived from Northern Europe into Siberia and Alaska and Canada. Remains of mammoths have been discovered across these regions. Usually these rare finds are the bones, teeth and tusks. Very rarely in northern Siberia a mammoth is uncovered, usually by erosion, in the permafrost areas that includes preserved hair. Both the long coarse guard hair and the soft underwool have been found.  

This package of Woolly Mammoth hair comes from Siberia. The hair is sealed in a resin case and comes with a description on the back. 

Type: Mammoth Hair
Age: Pleistocene (10,000 - 30,000 years ago)
Locality: Taimyr, Siberia Russia


Size of case: 3 x .25 x 4.88 inches

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