18th Century Clay Smoking Pipe

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This genuine clay smoking pipe from the 18th century is in wonderful condition! It has a design that was popular in America during the mid to late 1700s: a smooth finish with a thin stem and wall of the bowl, a flat spur to rest the pipe, and the rim of the bowl is parallel to the stem. 

The tobacco plant has been growing in America since 6000 BC and has been smoked for hundreds of years with pipes made of a variety of materials such as wood, meerschaum, bronze, clay, and horn. Native Americans were the first to create versions of pipes to smoke tobacco, however the first clay pipes came from England. Pipe-making became a popular trade for over 600 years with designs and forms of pipes continuously changing and adapting. 

Locality: United States


Size: 3.81 x .88 x 1.75 inches

Weight: < 1 oz.

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