Agoudal (Imilchil) Meteorite Fragment, Morocco

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Agoudal Meteorite, also known as Imilchil, is an Iron IIAB meteorite that was recently found in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco in 2000. 

Two small pieces of iron were found in the Atlas Mountains and sold to tourists in 2000. One piece was later sold to a dealer in 2011 who realized they were in fact, iron meteorite fragments. More extensive research was done in the area beginning in 2012 with a large quantity of fragments found. However, the size of the strewn field is still yet to be defined. 

Some scientists believe Lake Isli and Lake Tislit in Imilchil, Morocco were formed when the meteorite broke into two pieces and hit the earth, creating a shallow, dual crater instead of one large one. 


Size: .94 x .56 x .44 inches

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