Alaska-Yukon Gold Nugget

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This gold nugget was found by present day miners under frozen permafrost in the bedrock gravels. Occasionally the miners will find Ice Age remains of woolly mammoth, prehistoric steppe bison and America lion along with the gold nuggets. 

Over a century ago during the Alaska-Yukon gold rush, millions of dollars worth of placer gold nuggets were discovered by old-time hand miners.

Gold is one of the most ancient and sought-after of all precious metals. It was first found in the United States in 1799 in North Carolina, followed by the Georgia Gold Rush in 1829 and then South Carolina and Tennessee. It then was discovered in New Mexico and Arizona. In 1849, the California Gold Rush began. 

Comes in case. Does not include coin. 


Alaska-Yukon Gold Nugget


Size: .25 x .31 inches

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