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This purple quartz is an extremely popular semiprecious stone and it's not hard to see why! Because of its Mohs hardness of 7, amethyst is ideal for uses in jewelry like a cabochon, ring, necklace, bracelet, and earrings. 

The name "amethyst" has an ancient Greek origin with the words amethystos meaning "not" and methysko meaning "intoxicate," indicating the belief that the stone guarded against drunkenness. Amethyst forms in geodes in volcanic rocks, most commonly found in Brazil, but also in places like North America, South Korea, Zambia, and Russia. 

Amethyst comes in many purples, ranging from such a light purple that it's barely visible to a highly saturated reddish purple or dark purple. The iconic violet color starts to form when iron incorporates into a growing crystal which is that irradiated by gamma rays. Color zoning (color variations within one crystal) happens often and the deepest purple is most often at the crystal termination. 

Amethyst is the birthstone for February and is a 6th Anniversary gemstone. It is also the state gemstone of South Carolina.

Please note that amethyst can fade when overexposed to light. 


Metaphysical Meaning and Healing Properties: Amethyst is a healing, cleansing and protective stone that repels all types of harm. This gemstone is used with the sixth chakra (third eye chakra) and the seventh chakra (crown chakra). It promotes spiritual awareness, selflessness and intuition while calming and focusing your mind. It relieves stress and anxiety, balances mood swings, and gets rid of all sadness and negativity. Not only does amethyst dispel nightmares, but it helps with insomnia and with the analysis of dreams. You'll find you'll have a better memory and more motivation when using amethyst. Amethyst has also had a history when dealing with sobriety as it is believed to help with addictions with drugs, alcohol, etc. It is said this stone strengthens the immune system, boosts metabolism, fights against tumors and cancers, helps with respiratory issues, and eases headaches. 

Check out the amethyst crystal chip tumbled stone bracelet and the amethyst tumbled stone bracelet!


*Price/size/weight reflects one stone. Size and weight vary. May not receive what is shown in picture. 

Size: ~ .5 - 1.25 inch

Weight: < 1 oz.


* Stones should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment--Please consult a licensed healthcare specialist. The information within is for entertainment only and is not warranted or claiming to be accurate, reliable, or complete.

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