Amethyst Stalactite

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Amethyst stalactites are rare natural formations found only in select places around the world.

The middle core is made of agate with violet amethyst crystals fanning out from the center. Unlike other limestone and calcite stalactites that form in caves, these stalactites are made within amethyst cavities in a hydrothermal igneous formation. The multicolored agate center is formed when the chemicals and minerals in the water change as it runs through the cavity. The crystals of amethyst then grow around the agate. 

To get this radial piece, the stalactites are cut in slices, producing exquisite designs and colors. 

* includes stand 


Amethyst Stalactite


Size: 2.5 x .19 x 2.44 inches

Weight: 1 oz.  


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