Chakra Tree of Life Pendant

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With a variety of colors all in one, this beautiful pendant will be sure to compliment any outfit! The organic bending of the wire to create the flowing branches of the Tree of Life topped by multi-colored gemstones is enough to make any jewelry-lover swoon!

The Tree of Life motif has been prevalent for thousands of years in cultures, religions, mythologies, and folklore from all over the world. This symbol most often represents growth, strength, rebirth, fertility, and family.

Metaphysical: The gemstone chips of the 7 chakras make up the leaves of this lustrous silver-plated wire tree. This pendant will help you will connect with and open up the chakras. When you wear it during yoga, meditation, or just in daily life, you will find a better balance and positive energy. 


*Does not include chain. Product varies. May not receive what is shown in picture. 

Diameter: ~ 1.38 inches

Weight: < 1 oz. 

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