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The golden yellows of this citrine will make you feel as if the sun is always shining! Use this warmly colored gemstone for all kinds of jewelry--necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings--and you will be forever radiating beauty and light! 

It's not hard to see why citrine got its name from the Latin word citrina, which means "yellow." Iron within the crystal structure creates the yellow-orange color that we see. Because natural citrine is incredibly rare, this mineral is most commonly created from heat treating amethysts or smokey quartzes. 

Citrine and topaz are the birthstones for November. Citrine is the gemstone that is associated with a thirteenth anniversary.



Metaphysical Meaning and Healing Properties: Citrine is a great stone to cleanse the chakras and fill you with positivity and energy. Its associated chakras are third (solar plexus), second (sacral), and first (root). It is believed to increase self-esteem and expression, stimulate mental focus and endurance, and enhance creativity while pushing away depression, negative energies and fears. It is often referred to as the "merchant stone" because it assists in acquiring and maintaining wealth and success. This gemstone is believed to help regulate the body's chemical imbalances and increases blood circulation, and is beneficial for treating diabetes and indigestion. It supports the spleen and pancreas while balancing the thyroid. 



*Price/size/weight reflects one stone. Size and weight vary. May not receive what is shown in picture. 

Size: ~ .5 - 1 inch

Weight: < 1 oz. 


* Stones should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment--Please consult a licensed healthcare specialist. The information within is for entertainment only and is not warranted or claiming to be accurate, reliable, or complete.

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