Ammonite, Cymatoceras

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Cymatoceras are nautiloids that lived from the Jurassic to the Oligocene. Its shell is made of two layers--the innermost being iridescent and the outer layer providing protection. The interior have partitions that divide the shell into compartments, which help the animal maintain buoyancy. 

Species: Cymatoceras sakalavuz
Class: Phylum Mollusca, Class Cephalopoda
Subclass: Nautiloidea, Order Nautilida
Family: Cymatoceratidae
Age: Middle Cretaceous, Albian Stage (112 million years ago)
Formation: Alpian Formation
Locality: Mahajanga, Madagascar


Size: 5.38 x 4.44 x .5 inches

Weight: 10.7 oz.

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