Dalmanites limulurus Trilobite

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The Dalmanites trilobite lived in the ocean during the Silurian period between 450 - 415 million years ago, yet resembles the modern horseshoe crab. This particular specimen clearly shows the eye facets and armor that kept it protected. The dark gray color of the specimen stands out clearly from the shale, making this an ideal addition to your collection of trilobites!


Type: Trilobite
Species: Dalmanites limulurus
Age: Silurian (443 - 416 million years old)
Formation: Rochester shale
Locality: Middleport, NY


Size of Plate: 5.19 x 3. 25 x 1.81 inches
Size of Specimen: 2.63 x 1.44 inches
Weight: 10 oz. 

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