Hand-carved Jempinis Wood Mushroom

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Add a natural element to your area with a wooden sculpture of a troop of mushrooms! The raw color and texture of the Jempinis wood is complimented with the smooth, carved stems and cap of the fungi. Gift this woodwork or treat yourself to a piece that is calming, creative and organic!

This unique wooden sculpture is hand-carved from Chinaberry (Jempinis) wood. The unusual mushroom-like structures are the result of a parasitic plant that grows on the Jempinis tree in the jungles of Indonesia.

The sculpture examines the shape of the branch where the parasite is attached and uses his artistic vision to decide what creature should be "released" from the wood. When the branch reaches the appropriate size and shape, he cuts it from the tree, removes and discards the parasitic plant, dries the wood and employs his imaginative talent to carve his special one-of-a-kind creation.


Wooden Mushroom
Chinaberry (Jempinis) wood


Size: 3.13 x 3 x 4.75 inches

Weight: ~ 3oz.

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