Mesozoic Dinosaurs T-shirt, Adult

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Show off your love for all things Mesozoic in the coolest way! 

This soft garnet-colored tee will be your guide as you teach others about the Mesozoic. Complete with a graph starting from the Triassic and going through the Cretaceous, take a look not only at which dinosaurs lived when, but find out how much they weighed! Ask friends how heavy they think an Ornithomimus was and then have them find the answer on your shirt! 

This comfortable and durable shirt is ideal for that person who is all about history and dinosaurs. With a unisex fit, it is perfect for both men and women! 

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Color: Garnet
Standard adult sizes
100% HW preshrunk cotton
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low


*inquiries on additional sizes or stock are welcomed. Please call 716-825-2361 for more information*

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