Microlith Dart "Gem Point"

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The size of this dart is evidence of the amazing cognitive ability of early humans (which few modern humans have!). This absolutely stunning, tangerine-colored gem point that is barely larger than a thumb nail, is an exquisite addition to your collection of early human artifacts.

"Gem Point"
Microlith dart
Oranian - Capsian Tradition
Neolithic (10,000 - 14,000 years old)
Mauritania, Sahara Desert

Microlith darts are sophisticated, very small heat-treated stone tools from the Neolithic period. These tools are evidence that early humans were more advanced than previously thought because they needed to find the correct minerals to create the blades, to find the wood to create and maintain a fire, to heat and reheat the minerals to shape and reshape, and to carve the shafts and fit the dart onto the wood. 


Size: 1 x .44 x .13 inches

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