Orange Calcite

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This raw orange calcite has a vivid color and glossy texture! 

Calcite can be found all over the world and provides a myriad of uses. Despite being one of the most common minerals, calcite is extremely diverse in color, shape and formation. The best orange calcite comes from Mexico and most often occurs in massive form instead of crystalline.

Calcite is known for its use as a pigment, as a cleaning abrasive, for concrete production, for pharmaceuticals, and much more. Orange calcite is most commonly used for lapidary purposes such as for bracelets, earrings, and pendants. 


Metaphysical Meaning and Healing Properties: Orange calcite brings solar energy and helps one to take action toward one's goals while encouraging leadership and perseverance. Use this stone to stimulate the second (third eye chakra) and third (throat chakra) chakras. It's a balancing stone that assists with overcoming social fears. It increases creativity, controls emotions, enhances intuition and cleanses. With the energy of orange calcite, one will conquer lethargy, depression, and melancholy. This gemstone supports the endocrine system and digestive system, it will balance hormones and metabolism, and aid the sexual organs.  




*Price/size/weight reflects one stone. Size and weight vary. May not receive what is shown in picture. 

Size: ~ .75 - 1.5 inch

Weight: < 1 oz.

* Stones should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment--Please consult a licensed healthcare specialist. The information within is for entertainment only and is not warranted or claiming to be accurate, reliable, or complete. 

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