Pinus sp. Pine Cone

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This incredibly preserved 3D pine cone will have your jaw drop! 

Nicknamed "Steinhardt peas," sandstone concretions formed around plant materials over 30 million years ago in the area of Steinhardt, Germany. The black of this specimen contrasting with the pale color of the sandstone indicates it is from a deposit where specimens are no longer found. The ancient coniferous Pinus trees dropped pine cones like this millions of years ago, only for us to find that the seeds from evergreens living today have remained very much the same. 

Pinus sp. 
Bad Kreuznach, Germany


*Does not include stand 


Size of Concretion: 3 x 2 x 3.38 inches

Size of Specimen: 1 x .56 x 1.69 inches

Weight: 1 lb.