Pleistocene Deer Antler

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This beautiful piece of Pleistocene-aged deer antler was discovered in the famed Bone Valley in Florida. With an intricate burr still connected to the pedicle, this fossil is a wonderful example of a fauna that lived during the Ice Age. 

The Pleistocene boasted plants and animals that were similar to those that are living today. Due to the colder climate, many mammals like woolly mammoth, moose, deer, giant beaver, ground sloth and woolly rhinoceros grew to a larger size. Not only did the dry, cool climate affect growth but also new migration patterns across continents and new mountains and plateaus emerging. 

Florida is home to what same say are the best preserved Pleistocene fossils in the world. Pleistocene Florida had the most diverse selection of vertebrates in North America like saber-tooth cats, glyptodonts, mastodons, lions, short-faced bears and deer. Bone Valley in Polk County is the source of fossil remains of animals ranging from amphibians to elephants to whales. 

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Type: Deer Antler
Age: Pleistocene (15,000 years old)
Formation: Bone Valley Formation
Locality: Polk County, Florida


Size: ~ 8 x 2.31 x 1.75 inches
Weight: 4.30 oz.  / 126 g.

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