Rare Glass Sponge

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Glass sponges are one of the rarest Devonian-aged fossils in Central New York. 

The Devonian Period (400 - 359 million years ago) introduced the earliest amphibians, sharks, and ammonites. During this period, New York State was underwater and located near the equator, producing a tropical climate.

Glass sponges lived in the shallow ocean that covered Central New York. Sponges are marine animals with a simple, yet delicate structure. Because sponges are so delicate their fossils are also rare because they were often crushed by layers of sediment. 


Type: Glass Sponge
Species: Uphantaenia chemungensis
Age: Upper Devonian (382 - 372 million years old)
Formation: Chemung Facies Siltstone
Locality: Tompkins County, New York 


Size: 2.75 x 1 x .25 inches

Weight: .45 oz.

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