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Serpentine and everything green! What could be better than a snakey, scaly-looking mineral in bead form?

Serpentine got its name from the Latin term, serpentinus, meaning "serpent rock" as the green, slippery and scaly appearance resemble a snake. However, serpentine is not just one mineral, but the name for a big group of minerals that fall under a specific formula with similar physical properties and form in similar ways. Antigorite, chrysotile and lizardite are the main minerals of serpentine. 

This beautiful green mineral is not only known and valued for its serpent-like appearance, but it has the ability to be easily cut and polished. This popular gemstone is commonly used in jewelry and for other lapidary purposes like cabochons. Serpentine has also been utilized for thousands of years for sculptures and as an architectural stone. Some serpentine minerals don't burn, are great insulators, are cheap and don't transfer heat--making them very popular to use for insulating buildings until the late 1900's. Once the cancerous effects of asbestos were discovered, the removal has been continuous and extremely costly. 


Metaphysical Meaning and Healing Properties: Serpentine is an excellent meditation stone that has many benefits like emotional cleansing, psychic powers and the ability to attract love and money.  When using serpentine, the kundalini energies (the serpent power believed to live at the base of the spine) are awaked activating all the chakras, producing an intense psychic and spiritual phenomena. When meditating with this stone, one will find communication and a connection to nature and earth. Serpentine will help overcome fears of change and difficult times, and will make one focus less on oneself and more on others. It is believed serpentine regenerates cells and restores energy.  

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*Price/size/weight reflects one stone. Size and weight vary. May not receive what is shown in picture. 

Size: ~ 1 inch

Weight: < 1 oz.

* Stones should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment--Please consult a licensed healthcare specialist. The information within is for entertainment only and is not warranted or claiming to be accurate, reliable, or complete.

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