Moose Antler Wolf Carving

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Harness the intelligence of the wolf and the strength of the moose when you have this carving! You can almost hear its doleful howl as its head is thrown back within the moon-colored interior of the moose antler.  

This North American Moose Antler is collected from the forests of North America and all across Siberia to Scandinavia. The male of this species (Alces alces) grows and sheds a new pair of massive antlers every year. It is the largest of the deer family and its numbers are stable and thriving. Therefore, there are no restrictions on trade for this antler. It is a beautiful, solid, renewable carving material. 

*Includes a copy of label. 


Size: 3 x 1.63 x 3.13 inches

Weight: 2 oz.

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